Hena Arora Mahajan

Cake Artist I Content Creator I Recipe Developer

A Jewellery Designer and Graduate Gemologist from GIA London, Hena Arora Mahajan stumbled into the caking world in 2014 when she decided to bake her son’s 2nd birthday cake. Funky Batter was born in 2015 as a creative outlet for her with cakes as her canvas. She is a self-taught baker and has a passion for unique, handcrafted, theme inspired pieces of edible art.

Hena is a Recipe Developer and works hard to shatter traditional boundaries by creating easy to make and functional recipes. Her main focus is to address pain points in the industry and simplify baking and cake decorating with her recipes and tutorials. She has created her famous #FunkyBattercream and #FunkyBattercake Recipes which are being used by bakers in over 100 countries. She puts her heart and soul into each creation trying to bake the world happy, one cake at a time.

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