Funky Battercream Signature Buttercream + Vegan Recipe Card

CA$19.50 / US$14.99

Perfect, Smooth, Glossy Buttercream.
Funky Battercream is egg-free, not overly sweet and super easy to make.

πŸ’–Not American ButtercreamπŸ’–Not SMBC/IMBC πŸ’– Not Ermine Frosting πŸ’– Not Royal Icing Buttercream πŸ’– No Condensed Milk πŸ’– No Eggs πŸ’– No Pasteurised Egg Whites πŸ’– No shortening πŸ’– No Water πŸ’– No Aquafaba πŸ’–No Agar Agar πŸ’– No Gelatine πŸ’– No White Chocolate πŸ’– No Whey Protein πŸ’– Not Overly Sweet πŸ’– Stable in Hot and Humid Weather πŸ’–Sets like Ganache when refrigerated πŸ’– Can be used under Fondant πŸ’– Easily available ingredients πŸ’– Easy to make πŸ’– Comes together in minutes πŸ’– Pipes Beautifully πŸ’–Colors Beautifully πŸ’– Flavors Beautifully πŸ’–Easy to Halve or Double the recipe πŸ’– A dream to work with πŸ’– Can be made Vegan πŸ’–

Join me as I take you through the steps to achieve this beautiful luscious buttercream.


You will receive a recipe card along with a short and easy to watch online recording of the entire process through a google link with lifetime access so you can watch at your own pace.

You will also receive a Vegan FunkyBattercream Recipe Card.

**Please allow upto 24hrs to receive the email. Drop me a DM/email if you haven’t received it beyond 24hrs. Also, please check your spam/junk mail.**

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Funky Battercream + Vegan RecipeCard


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