Metallic Chocolate Sails

CA$31.99 / US$24.99

How to get the perfect shiny chocolate sails…EVERY SINGLE TIME! Join me as I take you through the steps to achieve that gorgeous shine. No fancy tools required. Stable in hot and humid weather.

What you will learn:

  • How to make a perfect shiny no-fingerprint chocolate sail.
  • List of all the tools and materials needed. (I use Compound Chocolate for stability of sails. You can use Tempered Couverture. Tempering of Couverture is not included in the workshop)
  • How to care for your tools to get that shine every single time.
  • Lustre Dust Comparison.

Class Duration and Format:

You will receive a recording of the Zoom online LIVE session held on February 21st,2021. The recording has been edited into one continuous session for easy viewing. Watch at your own pace and ask any questions you have regarding the workshop via email making it as good as a LIVE online workshop.

For Payments in Canada, INTERAC e-Transfer CA$31.99 to (Please provide your email address in the message)

For Payments outside Canada (PayPal and Credit Card)

Metallic Sails


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**Please Allow upto 24hours to receive the email with Link for the workshop**

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